The Open is finally here. Friday will be an awesome and exciting day, check BoxScore for finalized class times throughout the day. Friday Night Lights will be kicking off at 5:30. I NEED YOU TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR CLASS ON FRIDAY ASAP. The Open presents a unique challenge for us in planning logistics, equipment, judges, heats etc., it is essential for our planning that we know how many people to expect in classes and ESPECIALLY on Friday night. Please go sign up for that class time as soon as you know when you’re able to workout.

The Intramural Open:

You’ll notice on the back whiteboard we’ve made our own leaderboard! Not only will we put your scores up there, but we’ve also randomly assigned everyone to 3 different teams. Now that you’re on a team, each workout isn’t only about whether or not you get to shine, but also about how you can contribute to your team. The Open is a competition, but it's ultimately about the community. For that reason your actual performance in the workout contributes very little to your team’s total score. Here’s the breakdown of how team points will work:

1 point for every athlete who submits an official score for the workout

1 point for every athlete that attends Friday Night Lights

1 point for the winner of each of the following divisions. RX Male & Female, Scaled Male & Female, RX Male & Female Over 40,  Scaled Male & Female Over 40. 8 total division winners.

Each week there will be some type of mid-week challenge/opportunity to earn bonus points for your team.

Rachel Rapacz