Our CrossFit classes are constantly varied functional fitness classes programmed by experts to help athletes of all levels attain their ultimate fitness level.

Courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

    “I need to get in shape before I start Crossfit.” We hear it all the time. Although it sounds intimidating, CrossFit is endlessly modifiable for anyone, and we mean anyone. Each and every workout at United Fitness is designed with scaling and modifications in mind, so that every person who walks into class can perform their own personalized version of the movements in the workout that day.   As a CrossFit gym, we utilize functional movement, which means everyday-life movement at varying degrees of difficulty.

why United?

We are not just another box. At United Fitness, life-long sustainable health is our goal. We combine the benefits of group fitness energy and the personalization of private training sessions into one incredible experience. We are committed to having a healthy ratio of coach to athlete that sets our athletes up for success in efficiency, efficacy, and helps prevent injury.  Any class with more than 10 athletes will have an additional coach on the floor for modifications, corrections, encouragement and more. You will never get lost in a crowd of athletes, because classes are always capped at 20 athletes to ensure the safety of each member. Our incredible coaching staff is committed to always providing an attentive helping hand to assist you in finding the level of difficulty and intensity that’s just right for you!

If you are hesitant, try us out for free today! Come see for yourself why United Fitness may just be the motivation you need to get into the best shape of your life.