Our Philosophy

  • Strength

Our aim is to be better every day. Not fighting for the scoreboard, we work for our own gains mentally, physically, and emotionally. We aim to consistently increase intensity only when proper functional movement mechanics are performed consistently. Strength looks different for each individual, but we believe extraordinary fitness is attainable for every individual. However, this is only attained when you push yourself to your limits consistently.

  • Health

We believe that life-long sustainable health is achieved through a balance of exercise, nutrition, sleep and community. Resistance strength-training is proven to show positive effects on our overall fitness and quality of life. However, without implementing regular sleep habits, a balanced nutrition regimen among meaningful communal relationships, it is incomplete.

  • Community

We believe we are stronger together - and in that spirit, we foster a safe and encouraging atmosphere where athletes of all fitness levels are empowered to change their lives for the better. We value collaboration and community living. We hold our coaches and management team to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. As a leadership team, we want to serve our athletes by maintaining open and transparent lines of communication, valuing input on programming, class scheduling, and our collaborative role in the community - in order to earn and return our athletes' respect, trust, and loyalty. As coaches, we want to continually develop our own education, our fitness programming of functional movements and our nutrition programming that work together to promote overall physical health. As athletes, we want to serve our coaches and management well, honoring their leadership with our respect and collaborating for the good of our collective mission: transforming lives.

We are passionate about sharing our collective spirit of strength, health and community with others, while fostering an inclusive and vibrant environment. Because our lives have been transformed by this community, together, we turn our focus outward - striving to see men and women in our local community experience that same life change.


Why United?

At United Fitness, life-long sustainable health is our goal. Through our CrossFit, Tempo, and Wellness programs, we combine the benefits of group fitness energy and the personalization of private training sessions into one incredible experience. We are committed to having a healthy ratio of coach to athlete in every group fitness class. This sets our athletes up for success in efficiency, efficacy, and helps prevent injury.  

You will never get lost in a crowd of athletes, because classes are always capped at 20 athletes to ensure the safety of each member. Any class with more than 10 athletes will have an additional coach on the floor for modifications, corrections, encouragement and more. Our incredible coaching staff is committed to always providing an attentive helping hand to assist you in finding the level of difficulty and intensity that’s just right for you!

Come see for yourself why United Fitness may just be the motivation you need to get into the best shape of your life.